The STICO Difference

What Makes STICO Mutual Different?

When you join STICO Mutual, you become an owner (Member Insured)  and our company has a Board of Directors that have decades of combined experience and knowledge.
We also speak with our Member Insureds about the ever changing conditions in the petroleum equipment & manufacturing industry, and review and update our policies to meet our Member Insureds’ needs on an annual basis. Their input is important!
Since our Member Insureds and Board Members are in the Petroleum Equipment and Manufacturing industry itself, this gives us an advantage over larger, less “in-the-know” insurance companies that write blanket Liability coverages without actually being actively involved in the industry.


Simply put, YOU are our number one priority.

Our customer service is second to none. Certificates of Insurance are typically turned around within a half hour or less of their request. Policies are issued electronically or through the mail, and we’re there to answer any questions you may have about them. Our claims team is responsive and there to help you though the claims process, should one arise. You’ll be kept in the loop as things progress and will know what is happening with your claim!

GENERAL OFFICE INFORMATION Our Management office is located in the Chicago Suburbs and our office hours are from 7:15 AM – 5:30 PM, Central Standard Time. We can be reached at 866-527-1447 or by email if you click here. We look forward to serving you!

  • " As the evolution of insurance market continues to change and affect our businesses, STICO's willingness to recognize these changes and adapt in a positive manner has allowed us to feel confident in our decision to trust STICO as our general and pollution liability insurance partner."
  • "STICO Mutual has excellent industry knowledge. Coverages and claims management are innovative and industry-specific."
  • "STICO Mutual remains relevant to our business because they know our business."
  • "I know our company has benefited on more than one occasion because of the prompt expert response."
  • "STICO stays relevant because they continue to search out and offer new services meaningful to our industry."
  • "STICO has kept our premiums stable and very competitive, especially when you consider the dividends."
  • "During the past 20+ years, STICO has expanded the insurance offering to handle more of our insurance needs."
  • "We also are in the petroleum equipment business and operate a sales, installation and service business serving the needs of owners of motor fueling systems. STICO has again developed specialized insurance that meets the unique needs of this industry."
  • "STICO actively manages claims professionally and keeping us involved in the process to get a resolution in a timely and cost efficient manner. There is never a time that we do not know the status of a claim and the steps being taken to resolve it."
  • "With knowing and understanding the risk of this industry, STICO has developed programs for increasing levels of limits in a cost effective manner that provides a level of protection needed today. "
  • "Industry focus has kept STICO relevant for over 20 years."
  • "For the more common insurable exposures, a number of fine companies offer good coverage at equitable cost . My challenge is to find the right underwriter and adjuster for the higher risk (actual or perceived) exposures. STICO's tight focus, deep understanding, solid commitment, competitive cost and proven results meet this challenge. "
  • "Insurance is not a commodity - it is a valuable, sometimes critical, transfer of risk and promise of service. Within its area of expertise, STICO delivers, making it a dependable resource, for me and for my clients."